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B2 Word formation Sudoku

I love word formation and have always thought of it as quite a dynamic aspect of language which lends itself easily to gamification. Inspired by the simple 4 x 4 colour Sudokus in my son’s Lego magazines, here are some word formation Sudokus to give a fun yet challenging twist to the end of aContinue reading “B2 Word formation Sudoku”

Teaching vocabulary to students with language difficulties and disorders (Interview with Dr. Hilary Lowe)

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Hilary Lowe, a speech and language therapist based in the UK who has done extensive research into teaching vocabulary to secondary-age pupils with language disorders. Although this research was focused on monolingual L1 classes – students who struggle to learn vocabulary in their first language withinContinue reading “Teaching vocabulary to students with language difficulties and disorders (Interview with Dr. Hilary Lowe)”

‘The British Year’ – Review

I was fortunate enough to receive an Advanced Reader Copy of ‘The British Year’ from the publisher, and am thrilled to have an opportunity to write a review! It is part of a new series by Fiona Beddall and can be found on Amazon: https://www.amazon.es/British-Year-Britain-readers-English-ebook/dp/B08PSL68ZN/ref=cm_cr_srp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 This is an excellent introduction to British culture for beginnerContinue reading “‘The British Year’ – Review”

Past Predictions for 2020

It’s that time of year again: the end, and then the beginning. Having worked at the same academy and with many of the same students for 9 years now, I’ve done most of the standard New Year activities. We’ve done reviews of your past year, which I do enjoy doing, but we’ve spoken a lotContinue reading “Past Predictions for 2020”

Affixes Bingo

This is an extension activity rather than a lesson plan. I have done it with FCE and CAE groups as they should be familiar with a wide range of affixes in order to get through the exams. All Cambridge exam-based course books contain sections to help students become familiar with the prefixes and suffixes necessaryContinue reading “Affixes Bingo”

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