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B2 Word formation Sudoku

I love word formation and have always thought of it as quite a dynamic aspect of language which lends itself easily to gamification. Inspired by the simple 4 x 4 colour Sudokus in my son’s Lego magazines, here are some word formation Sudokus to give a fun yet challenging twist to the end of a lesson. Make use of it as you will, but here’s one possible procedure:

1.Give students a simple 4×4 number Sudoku to warm them up, for example:

2.Show them the first one on the worksheet, which is based only on the word ‘know’. This is just to get them used to doing a Sudoku with words. You could do this one as a class.

3.Now that they have the concept, get them to do the others, which use four different words in each puzzle. Different approaches to this include:

  • if your students are motivated by competition, set teams against each other to see who finishes each one first.
  • allow students to use their phones/dictionaries to look up forms of the words that they are not familiar with.
  • In online classes, copy a Sudoku onto your online whiteboard (I use the snipping tool to turn anything into a paste-able image) and allow students to write their answers over the top. If you want to add a competitive element, you could assign pairs a different colour that they have to write in, ask students all to write at the same time, and the pair with the most answers wins.
  • Print out the single A4-sized versions (or, in the absence of a printer, draw them out yourself on A4 paper). Put them inside a plastic wallet and give each pair/group of students a whiteboard marker. Give each group a different Sudoku. They can write their answers on the plastic wallet (see below). When they have finished one, they wipe off their answers and change Sudokus with another group.

As a follow-up, students can write their own sentences containing some of the words, and then give their sentences to their classmates or add them to a group Padlet/share on screen for everyone to complete.

Here is the PDF with the Sudokus and answers:

Let me know if you try it out; I hope your students enjoy it as much as mine did! I’m working on an advanced version, so watch this space!

Published by stephanielvalerio

EFL teacher and illustrator, enthusiastic about creating materials and resources. Originally from England and now based in Madrid.

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